Saturday, May 22, 2010

Need an good, honest Web Developer?

My good friend Aaron Kavlie has begun a
freelance web development business, if you or anybody you know owns or
works for a small business that has a significant web business, please
check out the services he provides at

MY SERVICES (aka buzzword bingo):
- Linux server setup & administration (Apache, MySQL, PHP & more)
- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including JQuery)
- PHP programming (including the Zend Framework)
- Python programming (including the Django & TurboGears 2.0 frameworks)... See More... See More
- Search Engine Optimization (the legitimate kind, not the snake oil variety)
- General technical consulation

- Clear, honest, frequent communication.
- I'm not just the front man; I personally take care of all your technical needs myself. No shipping off the programming to anonymous coders overseas.
- Low rates.

Phone: 602-653-1345


On a personal note from myself, I can personally vouch for Aaron's hardwork ethic, accountability, and open communication lines. Both he and his wife( have an excellent reputation as offering excellent services, fantastic quality, and good rates. Please consider their services for your needs.

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