Monday, January 22, 2007

The Holy Card

I received this poem entitled, The Holy Card, today in an email from one of my new readers:

Five a.m., my coffee,
Rosary in my hands,
All upon my lap-desk,
My soul inhales, expands.

And then I spy the HOLY card,
Upon my desk it lay.
A relic, token, keepsake,
Memento for the day,

From those who’ve gone before us,
We hope decked out in grace,
And yet, so often, leave their cards,
Sometimes in strangest place.

One side…their names and dates,
The other, Christ or Saint,
Prayers to persevere for them,
Make sacrifice, don’t faint.

So when you spot such HOLY cards,
Behind it is a story,
That you’ve been chosen, asked to help,
Free souls from Purgatory!



Brian Murphy said...

Oh yes, Long Skirts, he's left a few poems on my blog as well. He has a talent.

Long-Skirts said...

b.murphy said...

"He has a talent."

Thank you dear brian, but Long-Skirts is me, Hilary M. Flanery, mother of 10 and very much a SHE.

Lee Cunningham said...

I was wondering how Brian came up with a "He"... lol

Brian Murphy said...

Oops, for some reason I always thought you were male with a liking of kilts, lol.

I am so very sorry for the misunderstanding.

Again you have a great talent, you should publish your poems. Especially with the last name of Flanery.

Pax tecum.

Micki said...

Oh please....come see my holy card site and write me a poem. I'd be so honored.

Loved reading this Holy Card message....sooo true.

Debbie said...

Beautiful! I just sent it on to about 20 friends. This has been my year to focus on the souls in purgatory, so it's especially dear to me.